College STAR

 (Supporting Transition, Access, and Retention) 

A UNC System Project Supporting Students with Learning Differences) is a collaborative project designed to enable participating universities to help our campuses become welcoming environments for students with learning differences.Funded with grant support, and with collaboration from the UNC General Administration, East Carolina University,  Appalachian State University, and Fayetteville State University are currently working together to build models of student and faculty support focused on student learning and understandings about Universal Design for Learning.


 AppSTAR is our faculty based initiative aimed at educating faculty members about learning differences and implementing teaching strategies that enhace all students' learning by incorporating UDL Principles.

ASU faculty have access to College STAR:

 Workshops and Seminars

UDL Based Faculty Learning Communities

Our Annual Course Re-Design

We also encourage our faculty to invest in our specifically designed Professional Development Modules.

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 Universal Design for Learning 

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1. Affective Networks: The "WHY" of Learning

The Affective Network demonstrates the different ways that students become engaged in learning, and how they can stay motivated and driven to perform well in the classroom.


2. Recognition Networks: The "WHAT" of Learning

The Recognition Network demonstrates how students categorize what they see in the classroom (i.e. visuals), hear (i.e. lectures), and read (i.e. supplemental materials such as textbooks).


3. Strategic Networks: The "HOW" of Learning

The Strategic Network demonstrates the different ways that students express and organize their ideas, and how they plan and perform various tasks in and outside of the classroom.

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Elin Hoffman

ASU Project Director


Lillian Nave Goudas

AppStar Director