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AppSTAR is our faculty based initiative aimed at educating faculty members about learning differences and implementing teaching strategies that enhace all students' learning by incorporating UDL Principles. ASU faculty have access to College STAR workshops and seminars, UDL based Faculty Learning Communities, and our annual Course Re-Design. We also encourage our faculty to invest in our specifically designed Professional Development Modules.

The faculty development component of College STAR supports and reinforces the direct services provided to students in the As-U-R program.  Faculty are invited to engage in various learning opportunities—workshops and seminars, faculty learning communities, institutes, and online modules—to help them learn about and incorporate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and specific teaching techniques into courses and curricula.

Click on the pages to the left for more information. To participate in any of these activities, please contact Lillian Nave Goudas at

Workshops and Seminars

The Center for Academic Excellence features a series of workshops focused on Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The goals of these workshops are to assist faculty in creating better learning environments for all learners by demonstrating new and alternative ways to present information and engage students in the classrooms. For more information, to register for a workshop, or to view a calendar of all professional development workshops, please visit The Center for Academic Excellence website

Faculty Learning Communities

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) serves as a collegial platform for faculty to learn about and incorporate the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into their teaching and coursework. UDL seeks to improve and enhance learning opportunities in ways that will benefit all students, but especially those with learning differences such as ADHD and executive functioning differences. Participants typically meet as a cohort once a month to share experiences in UDL-based course redesign and collaborate on effective instructional methods in the college classroom.

Online Modules

College STAR professional development online learning modules are organized around the three principles of Universal Design for Learning: Multiple Means of Engagement, Multiple Means of Representation, and Multiple Means of Expression. These modules provide examples of best teaching practices that originate from the voices and experiences of students on Appalachian’s campus. Through a survey, Appalachian students are asked to identify and describe examples of effective teaching practices, strategies, resources and routines used by faculty members across campus.  Each module contains an alignment of the instructional practice with principles of Universal Design for Learning, a description of how the practice has been implemented by university instructor(s), a brief summary of professional literature that supports the instructional practice, and the opportunity for viewers to share their own similar practices.

These faculty development components of College STAR are sponsored by the Oak Foundation, the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation, and Faculty and Academic Development.