AppSTAR is our faculty based initiative aimed at educating faculty members about learning differences and implementing teaching strategies that enhace all students' learning by incorporating UDL Principles. ASU faculty have access to College STAR workshops and seminars, UDL based Faculty Learning Communities, and our annual Course Re-Design. We also encourage our faculty to invest in our specifically designed Professional Development Modules.


     Elin Hoffman - ASU Project Director

Elin Hoffman is an Associate Professor in RESE. She completed her PhD in Special Education from Indiana University in May 2010, focusing her studies on learning disabilities, child and adolescent development, and teacher education. She has taught special education in Indiana and North Carolina at both middle and high school levels. She is also certified to teach elementary education. Her research interests include student/teacher relationships, inclusion, and teaching at the post-secondary level. She has presented at national and international conferences. Publications can be found in Remedial and Special Education, Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, and Teacher Education and Special Education among others.

      Lillian Nave - AppStar Director

Lillian Nave teaches First Year Seminar in the General Education Program of University College. She began her tenure as a Faculty Fellow in July of 2014 and is particularly interested in creating an integrated experience for Appalachian students and faculty. Paying particular attention the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, she seeks to provide connections amongst faculty members and create an inviting and safe space for collaboration and creative approaches to teaching. Additionally, Lillian seeks out new and innovative teaching and learning strategies to share while working to connect students and faculty with the myriad resources available to them at Appalachian.