UDL in Higher Education

There are many ways to learn about UDL in Higher Education.  Here we have curated a few sources to introduce you to what Universal Design for Learning is and why it matters.    Notice that you are being presented with multiple ways for you to learn about UDL (videos, podcasts, research articles, industry journal posts, infographics and website links).  The variety of options presented here mirrors the UDL principle that every person learns differently.  So consider this a menu of options from which to choose, all of which will give you a general understanding of what UDL in Higher Education looks like today.   




Universal Design for Learning with Mark HoferUDL: The Three Principles Explained (Part 1 of 4)  


Fostering Inclusion with Universal Design for Learning by Kevin Kelly A Pilot Study of Working Memory and Academic Achievement in College Students with ADHD

For more information and resources, visit these websites: