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As-U-R is a student support program focused on supporting students with executive function challenges (EFCs). Skills related to academic success such as organization, planning and setting priorities, getting starting and completing tasks, monitoring progress on tasks, and decision-making are referred to as executive function skills. Executive function challenges are defined as chronic difficulties in organizing, planning, and carrying out tasks and can make success in college-level academics much more difficult. Some college students with EFCs may have previously been assessed for or even diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability, but others may not despite struggling with such tasks. Read more about Executive Function Challenges [PDF].

As-U-R provides a variety of supports and resources for students including:

  • strategic tutoring and peer mentoring
  • learning strategy instruction tailored to the needs of college students
  • drop-in assistance
  • quiet study rooms at Study Central in Edwin Duncan Hall
  • specific training to address executive function challenges
  • access to assistive technology
  • transition assistance for incoming as well as graduating students
  • coordination of individualized services

Please read more about the types of support we offer below.

Students must be admitted to ASU through the regular admissions process in order to participate in As-U-R. Applications for As-U-R are accepted on an ongoing basis from high school seniors, transfer students, and current ASU students. If you are interested in As-U-R, please submit a student application and contact us for more information. The link to the application page can be found in the upper left corner of this page.

Thank you very much and we look forward to talking with you about As-U-R.

Jamie Inlow, M.S.

Elin Hoffman, Ph.D.

As-U-R Support:


All As-U-R students are required to spend 3-6 hours per week in Study Central. Study Central is designed to serve as a library space for our students. It features two large study rooms and two smaller rooms for quiet studying. Using Study Central as a primary study space gives students direct access to assistance from Support Staff, as well from their peers. Pictures of Study Central can be viewed in the "Photo Galleries" tab above.


All As-U-R students are strongly encouraged to enroll in one of the As-U-R Seminars. Seminar 1 is designed for incoming freshman, incoming As-U-R students, and transfer students, but is not limited to current As-U-R students. This two-credit course focuses on goal-setting, strength identification, different learning styles, organizational skills, and study strategies. Seminar 2 is intended for As-U-R students who have completed Seminar 1, but again, this is not a limiting factor. This two-credit seminar takes a book-club approach with discussion as the emphasis. "Learning Outside the Lines" by Jonathan Mooney and David Cole, as well as "Mindset: The New Pyschology of Success" by Carol Dweck are the current reading material of this class. Students take turns being the discussion leader each week and are encouraged to become comfortable in discussion settings while talking about challenging material from the books. 

It is important to note that these seminars have very little outside work. They are designed to help students with their current course loads, not add to them. All students enrolled in seminar are required to complete 6 hours in Study Central each week.


All As-U-R students are given the opportunity to be matched with a Support Staff Member to work with throughout the semester. All As-U-R students are required to have one academic check-in per week with the As-U-R Director or another Support Staff Member. During weekly meetings with their mentor, students receive individualized "to-do" lists for the week, strategic tutoring, and organizational assistance. Students will also be referred to other campus resources as needed. As-U-R students are encouraged to take advantage of all of Appalachian's different types of support. Please read more about our Support Staff by clicking on "Support Staff" in the upper left.


In addition to free printing, planners, notecards, highlighters, etc., students also have the option to use Livescribe Smart Pens to assist with note-taking. Students can rent a Livescribe Smart Pen with a notebook at any point during the semester. 


In addition to the intensive academic support that As-U-R students receive, community is also a large contributing aspect that makes this program successful. As-U-R produces an environment that is always positive and it is so encouraging to see our students motivate and encourage one another on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to participate in activies together outside of academics, which is an important part of student stress relief. Activies this past spring semester included private yoga classes, animal-therapy bunnies, and pizza parties. 

The As-U-R office is located on the second floor of Edwin Duncan Hall, in Rm. 213-D. You can also reach us by email or by phone 828-262-6332.